For 60 years Carinthia – a trademark of the Goldeck Textile Corporation – has devoted
itself to insulation technology using both, natural as well as synthetic fibres for use in most extreme conditions.
For over 25 years, they have concentrated on the development of Technical Polyester Insulation for demanding conditions. Their aim? To achieve maximal efficiency with an optimal warmth to weight ratio.

Developed for challenging missions

Their individual thermal insulation products filled with G-LOFT insulation, are the result of their intensive R&D program. Following extensive testing, most European military forces opted for G·Loft insulation.
Their high insulation garments and their high quality sleeping bags are used by regular military as well as special-forces units in their operational deployments and normal field exercises. Even under the most extreme climatic conditions G·LOFT offers superior performance along with the comfort required for effective rest. This extraordinary quality has been achieved after years of systematic research using the natural properties of goose down as the benchmark.

Carinthia thermal insulation products
offers unbeatable performance in 3 decisive criteria:

• highest thermal insulation
• at a low pack size (compressibility of the filling)
• and low weight

Furthermore, the key criteria of durability and comfort that they provide are essential
to professional users of our sleeping bags and high-insulation garments.

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