Brand Story

Time infuses attitude

Born in 1999, elegantsis is the brainchild of founder M.K. Cheng. Having worked in the fashion industry and later for several global premium watch brands, the founder decides to launch his original brand - elegantsis. 

His philosophy for the brand is meticulous, elegant and fashionable. As for its design philosophy, it needs to be original and differentiated. 

As the name implies, the fundamental architect of the brand is to infuse the spirits and craftsmanship of premium brands into elegantsis. To differentiate, the brand instills its own personality and character. 

Since its inception, elegantsis has grown and matured to inculcate different elements to the brand and design and they include trendy and fashionable, yuppies, sports, racing, military and so forth. To add depth, the elements have personalized stories to enhance the imagery of the products and elegantsis. 

Though elegantsis is a relatively young brand, it has commanded respect from competitors and also tinkled some premium brands nerves. 

The brand has a huge and loyal following and every time a new collection, edition or model is launch, the market is full of buzz and excitement. 

Currently, the discreet, yet adventurous management of elegantsis has propelled the brand to new heights and is noticed by the market both locally and internationally.
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